iPad Arriving Early For Some Preorder Customers

By Adam Roche

After tracking my iPad delivery all week, I finally saw it arrive at my local depot this evening, with the status ‘OUT FOR DELIVERY’. Naturally excited at the prospect of receiving it two days early, I called TNT UK to confirm the status’ meaning.

TNT have received notification from Apple that 13,700 consignments of iPads will be arriving in the UK this evening (26th), and that they are authorized to deliver tomorrow (27th).

So check your order tracking people, if your iPad is in the country, you may need to book the day off tomorrow. I’ll be updating my Twitter as and when I receive any more news

UPDATE: Not to rub it in or anything, but take a look at this

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19 responses to “iPad Arriving Early For Some Preorder Customers

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  2. distgen

    What about UPS? My status still just says “Billing Information Received”

    • Adam Roche

      Well as I say, this info came from TNT, so I couldn’t say about UPS. Have you tracked your order through UPS’s site?

    • AlGreen

      Same for me with UPS, tracking just says Billing info received. Anyone seeing anything different for UPS?

      • Perfecto

        mine is ups and it says Tamworth, GB ‘origin scan’ as of 18:52. I guess there will be significant movement tonight! fingers crossed for tomorrow even though i had planned to work from home on friday. 🙂

      • Andy

        Yup…UPS tracking says mine was dispatched from TAMWORTH at 11:48pm so fingers crossed i’ll get it tomoz =]. I did have one I brought over from the USA…but it a dead pixel appeared after a week and so whacked it on ebay in a “new” condition lol

  3. Sandra

    Mine is at the local depot, hopefuly with an armed guard !

  4. DJ

    Mine is out for delivery right now … for delivery today!

    Have to say I’m impressed that it will be here before the release day

  5. Adam Roche

    My iPad has arrived! Keep the faith folks

    • Sherwin Recto

      Nice one Adam. What location are you in? My delivery address is in Central London but still no sign of it. 😦

      • Adam Roche

        I’m in rural Berkshire, about an hour from the depot. Hey, just scout the iTunes store for more apps in anticipation. It’ll be with you soon my friend!

  6. DJ

    Awesome Adam!

    Hoping mine will be here soon :O)

    Patience is a virtue and all that :O|

  7. Patience… patience???!!! Mine are still showing at destination depot… Prob90 will go out on afternoon run (he says hopefully).

    As our floor is being screeded this evening I’ll be stuck upstairs with my family so if there’s a late delivery I’ll be able to see them but not sign for them. Ye gads!

  8. Needless to say as I hit the submit button they arrived!!

    My TNT guy said they had 800 in the London City depot and he was doing 48 drops this morning and that it was his day off but they brought him in. He wasn’t a happy bunny but wished me fun with my new toys.


  9. Simon

    Mine’s showing as out for delivery having left the depot this morning. The depot’s only an hour away as well which is quite frustrating. Just hope it doesn’t turn up in the one hour I have to be away from the house.

    Of course, it will.

  10. I ordered mine at 6.00am on the first day of pre-order and it’s showing “In transit to customer – Shipment on Schedule” with delivery date of the 27th. Not sure if it’s UPS or TNT but about an hour ago a similar sized package got delivered to my house and it turned out to be something else the wife ordered – to say I was deflated was an understatement – hopefully it will be here (Leeds) later – keeping the shiny, new faith !

    • Adam Roche

      Keep on keeping it my brother! My telekinetic powers tell me you’ll have it by 4:59pm. Hope that’s quashed the pain a little

  11. distgen

    Got mine just after 8am.. Nice one UPS!

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