International iPad Tracking problems?

By Adam Roche

One of the sweetest pieces of news I’ve ever received plopped into my inbox on Saturday. A brief email telling me that my iPad had been dispatched, and was winging its way to my door “on or before the 28th May”. Now whilst I am happy to await its arrival on that day, part of me is secretly hoping it decides to present itself a few days early. After all, I’ve bought the HD apps, I’ve cleared a space for it to live next to my iMac, and I’m itching to try out the Scrabble Tile Rack app with the iPod Touch.

Included in said email is a Delivery Reference Number, and a link so that I can track my order with Apple. I duly did this, and found that it was being shipped by TNT UK. All well and good. However, when I checked the delivery reference with TNT’s website, it gave me an error message.

Now I’m a patient man, I know that these things take time. I also know that I’m not the only person trying to check the status of their order, so I waited until the next day to check again. Meanwhile, I consoled myself with the fact that I could still check the order status on Apple’s site, where I could see that it was being hurried to my house, and that it was in TNT’s safe hands.

Next day, TNT’s site was still giving me an error message. Needing reassurance, I logged into Apple’s tracker, only to find that information that was there before was now gone. Gone was the expected arrival date of the 28th, and gone was the name of the courier. Shaken, I spent the next few hours, diligently logging in to both sites to see if things had changed. They had not.

It’s Tuesday now, and we here in the UK can expect to get our hands on the iPad in three days time. Now, I am sure that come Friday, a sweaty, somewhat dishevelled, rather harrassed looking bear of a man will arrive and thrust my delivery into my hands with a sneer, before departing in his excrement coloured truck, off to see the next rabid tech-freak, who’ll also fling himself at his feet as he walks down their path. Still, you’d think by now that I’d be able to get some kind of indication that my iPad has at least reached this country. All I can tell you is that UPS will probably be delivering to you if you’ve ordered an iPad alone, and TNT will probably be delivering to you if you’ve ordered accessories too. Still, it also depends on what model you’ve ordered too, so ignore me completely.

For all I know, at this very moment, iPadam might be being forced to perform a strip tease by a bunch of pirates who have hijacked the Apple ship thinking that it was a fruit supplier, and that their scurvy days were over. It might currently be in the hands of Alan Rocke, a short-sighted technophobe in Amsterdam who thinks they’ve sent him the wrong sized television. But no, I am left to wonder, sitting on my hands to stop them logging into TN-twatting-T again. Call me paranoid but… no, just call me paranoid.

For those of you in my position (and after having checked around, I can see that that’s pretty much all of us), take heart. I’m sure that come Friday morning, just after we’ve finished skinning the 437th person who’s told us to calm down, after biting open the box, after fumbling sweat-drenched connectors into USB ports, that screens will light up, hearts will rejoice, and iTunes won’t be able to connect to server.

UPDATE: The reference number I received from Apple seems to be working now. It’s the one you should have received in the confirmation email, beginning with 81. If you’re still not having any luck, click here. Once you’re there, enter the number in the large box and choose the ‘Reference’ radio button, then click ‘Track’. This worked for me, hopefully it’ll work for you too. According to the information, and from the nice TNT lady I spoke to earlier, it seems that a lucky few thousand people will indeed receive their iPads tomorrow, with the rest receiving on Friday.

Please add your messages of condolence/sympathy/glee to the comments.

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32 responses to “International iPad Tracking problems?

  1. James

    I had the same problem. Try entering the number Apple gave you as the consignment number rather than tracking number. That worked for me.

  2. Sandra

    I’m just off the phone to apple, I have a 16G wifi on order with TNT uk tracking, the ipad is shrinkwrapped on a pallet and will only be scanned by Thur when it gets opened up. This is what they said it sounds reasonable to me. They are in the country and on the way. No talk of not getting them on Friday.

  3. Adam Roche


    Funnily enough I have just got the same response. It sounds perfectly reasonable to me, and what, deep down, I suspected. Still, it seems odd that some people can track, and some people can’t.

    It seems as though the only people who can track are folks who have theirs coming from outside the UK at present. The orders fulfilled with stock already in the UK are, like you say, sitting in shrink-wrapped consignments, waiting to be allocated their shipping references.

    At the end of the day, I have received two emails stating that the delivery date will be “on or before the 28th” from Apple, and am quite comfortable with waiting until Friday. However, I must admit, the tantalizing though of “before the 28th” was turning my screws a little.

    So, here’s to Friday. We should all be able to track from Thursday or Friday.

    So who’s bought apps so far, and which ones? Anyone know when Pages is coming?

  4. I find myself in the same boat, but I wasn’t worrying about it until I read everyone else was.

    Now I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof!

  5. Sandra

    As I have an iPod touch I am leaving buying anything until I see what works on the ipad, not sure if paid paid apps for my iPod will sync and work on the ipad as well. No doubt I will find out on Friday. Kids will be dropped early at school and I will be camping out in the front bedroom until the orange van arrives.

  6. D

    Pages and the other iworks apps are now on itunes (£5.99 each). Also the app store is better now – it has two tabs at the top for iphone/ipad – previously I had to search for ipad apps – now they are arranged in categories like the regular app store. I love the main article on this page – it’s all true – I haven’t got any house work done this week due to listening for the door and frequently checking TNT!!!

    • Adam Roche

      Superb! Thank you so much for the information. Thank goodness they’ve split off the apps into iPad and iPhone now too. It was such a pain to find iPad specific apps. Thanks again

  7. D

    Today my credit card has finally been charged, but more importantly my ’81’ 10 digit TNT reference works but I had to click on the international section. I also have a consignment no. starting with 80 (9 digits) which shows it as being delivered to Athens on 19th April!

  8. Sandra

    Waiting for offers on the iTunes cards before buying, being a Scott there’s no way I’m going to spend a penny more that I have too !

  9. Adam Roche

    Well according to TNT, my iPad should be out for delivery tomorrow. Fingers crossed, because I have a free evening tomorrow. Plenty of time to sync and tinker…

  10. TNT not doing it for me apart from the ubiquitous Greek herring… so trying not to check again every 5 mins… but we all know how hard that can be don’t we?
    I’m still wondering if my other half has twigged that my need to be @ home on Friday has nothing (really) to do with a couple of boring old books turning up… and more to do with his and her’s arrival… doubt it… what with all the ads on the tube (Ldn)

  11. <>

    Because another 5 mins went by I checked again…. the score is now Athens 1 : London 1.
    Looks like they’re on the move…

    Ho hum… will now re-calibrate to 2 min checking. Reckon TNT servers are getting a ‘helluvabeating’.

    • Adam Roche

      Mine is now trackable too (see above)

      • My guess is they’re arriving Ldn overnight/tomorrow morning and then will go out for delivery Friday.
        I somehow doubt that Apple will countenance delivery before their 28th moment… could be wrong though… wouldn’t be the first time…

      • Adam Roche

        You could be right, and probably are, but the TNT representative said that they’re sending out a few thousand tomorrow. The Apple email doesn’t say it’ll be delivered on the 28th, it says “on or before”, and my tracking now says that my iPad is with TNT right now, ready to be sent. I don’t really mind waiting till Friday, but the prospect of getting it tomorrow is rather exciting

    • Yep… true enough Mike.

      Well here’s hopin’.
      Hate to say it but I’m glad it didn’t come yesterday as I had to concentrate on work today and I have a feeling it might be a bit distracting!?

      • Mike

        I’m gutted because I’m working from home today, but I’m out at meetings all day tomorrow, so if it arrives then, there won’t be anyone in 😦

  12. Sandra

    Tracking now too just no del date as of yet. But I did leave a note on the door when I went to the school !

  13. Sandra

    Check your details apple says 27th and TNT have my ipad left Nuneaton at 3.35 pm on their tracking. Will anyone get sleep tonight. I’m so excited I phoned my neighbour instead of my mum, just as well I have free calls !

    • Adam Roche

      Oh my god. My ipad is out for delivery!

      • Sandra

        Was that from TNT or apple ? Apple said del 9-5 so in theory you have it or will get it in the next ten mins. Fingers crossed for you

      • Adam Roche

        It was from TNT, who said that it will definitely be tomorrow along with 13,700 others. She read me the authorization email they received from Apple, telling them they could ship on Thursday

  14. lol

    Nuneaton has become the centre of the known universe… for me too.

    26 May 2010 15:35:00 Nuneaton Shipment In Transit

    Bit like the Wacky Races (tries to hide his age… no hope)

    Must go and try to interact with my family now.

  15. See… I said I would be wrong with my prognostications….


    I note that is back up and running again.

  16. Sandra

    Mine just arrived at the local depot, hope I can get back to sleep

  17. Mine left the Glasgow depot for delivery at 7:43 a.m.

    About the same time I left for work.

    I hope UPS will try and leave with my neighbour!

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