Red Steel 2 (Wii) Trailer

Red Steel 2 sets a new milestone by being exclusively designed for the Wii Motion PlusTM, greatly increasing the precision of the controls. The game promises to be particularly intuitive: just pick up the controls and experience the strength of the swing of the sword of an expert fighter.

Fight your way through a grand solo campaign taking place in an edgy city in the middle of the desert.


You are a lonesome fighter, a badass with an attitude, a hard man full of mystery. Your goal is to defeat the wicked plans of a Warlord who has set his headquarters in the middle of a strange city.
Face various and increasingly stronger enemies and defeat challenging bosses in epic and intense fights. Discover the truth about your presence in this mystifying metropolis.

Your adventure takes place in a high-tech metropolis located in the middle of the desert, a place where the East meets the West.

Thanks to the Wii Motion PlusTM 1:1 recognition, your sword movements are precisely reproduced within the game. Slice the villains the way you want!
What’s more, the WMPTM measures the power of your swing. The harder you swing the Wiimote, the harder you swing your sword in the game!
This very intuitive concept makes the game really accessible. However the wide range of difficulty levels allows you to have a very challenging experience if you chose to.
Red Steel 2 is the core title for the WMPTM.

The first-person-view drives you right to the center of the action and the WMP allows you to immediately feel like a powerful swordmaster and gunslinger.
Fight up to six enemies at the same time and feel free to use your sword or your gun at any time.
The Wii Motion PlusTM and the improved controls also allow you to master numerous combos with your sword and your gun. You can also trigger impressive and various finish kills on your enemies.
Parry your opponents’ attacks and deflects their bullets with your sword!
Upgrade and improve your weapons throughout the adventure.


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