Steven Wrights 10 Random Ipod Tracks

Take this picture, add a bigger beard, and you will have me now.

I have been chomping at the bit to do one of these. The excitement is coloured with a drop of nerves though; I’m not ashamed of anything on my Ipod but there is a few hard to explain tracks on it. But what came out was a success. I missed out some really good bands/genres but I did avoid a few embarrassing ones.

Anyway, go have a look yourself.

Song: X
Artist: System Of A Down
Album: Self Titled
Year: 2001

I remember disliking SOAD the first time I heard them as I found them a little intense. But when I heard their first album I fell in love, only then truly appreciating Toxicity. The album boasts a few big hits that but X is not one of them. However it is one of my favourites, with a fast beat and hard-hitting lyrics, it certainly is hard to forget.

Song: Eve At The Mansion
Artist: Katzenjammer Kabarett
Album: Self Titled
Year: 2006

I love this band. A 4 piece death rock cabaret (or multireferential post-punk, baroque krautpop? Take your pick) outfit hailing from Paris. Their music amazes me, eerie yet beautiful, calm yet chaotic, one of my favourite bands to come on randomly when your marching around town in the rain. Oddly enough, this album was often played while playing Gears Of War online. It seems to fit the mood of the game, specifically the grand Mansion level.

Song: Let Go
Artist: Frou Frou
Album: Details
Year: 2002

Arguably the most famous track from the bands short lived career, Let Go has been used in numerous films and TV shows. The one film I remember it from is Garden State, making the band and the film even more special. Frou Frou make the perfect backing music to write or read to, and I don’t mean they are bland, far from it, but they just slide into your sub-conscience leaving you alert enough to work. The perfect song to sit back with a refreshing beverage and some good company.

Song: Aint Nobody Gonna Hang Me In My Home
Artist: The Atomic Bitchwax
Album: The Atomic Bitchwax I
Year: 1999

Chris Kosnik of  Godspeed and Ed Mundell of Monster Magnet formed this ridiculously named group in the mid 90’s. The best way to describe them is guitar porn, and I love it. Not listened to enough of their albums but so far the first two are my favourite, favouring complex solos and a distinct lack of vocals. If you like guitars then you are going to like this.

Song: Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
Artist: DJ Shadow
Album: Endtroducing
Year: 1996

Is this album in your collection? No? Well go bloody buy it then. I can still remember the first time I listened to this album, going in with a negative mind and coming out amazed; it gave me the taste for alternative hip hop, something different to the rap on radio 1. Endtroducing was the first album made of completely sampled material and laid foundations that alternative hip-hop, trip hop, and whatever-else-hop still use today.  A masterpiece.

Song: Ihabia
Artist: Deftones
Album: Around The Fur
Year: 1997

Did you  know that Deftones have been around for twenty two years? Shocking. I actually nicked this album off of a friend, starting a ten year love affair with Chino and co. This was the first album of theirs that I heard and I must have played it countless times. It’s one of those albums that I struggle to pick a favourite track, preferring to listen to the whole thing. Easily the best album the band have put out and possibly one of the best album covers ever (especially when you were a teenager).

Song: Save Myself
Artist: Willy Mason
Album: If The Ocean Gets Rough
Year: 2007

I have not listened to this album enough but conveniently this the one track that I know (didn’t cheat, honest). I love his lazy style and lyrical content – slightly depressing but filled with hope. His first album has been played to death, maybe it’s time I do the same to this one?

Song: Hysteric
Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album: It’s Blitz
Year: 2009

This album is another one that I’ve not gave enough time to. I’ve listened to when my girlfriends has been playing it but I haven’t devoted myself to listening to it. Something that I have to do to really get to grips with an album. I do like the song though, but I don’ t think it’s my favourite off the album, that would probably go to Heads Will Roll. I actually saw the YYY’s live in Glasgow a few years back and have been mesmerized by Karen O ever since. Although she is not as amazing as the guitarists hair. It’s perfect.

Song: Drive Slow
Artist: Kanye West
Album: Late Registration
Year: 2005

I have a love/hate affair with Mr. West. As talented as the lad is, he really is a bit of a twat. This tracks is not one of my favourites but I do love the horns. He has done some great songs throughout his first two albums. Don’t know what else to say about this one…skip to the end?

Song: Steamer Trunk
Artist: Alkaline Trio
Album: From Here To Infirmary
Year: 2001

So many tracks of this album make up the soundtrack to my teenage years, but strangely I’ve just got into this band more in the last few months, racking up loads of plays on my Ipod. Firmly rooted in pop punk, yet their songs have some great lyrics conveying real emotions. They deserved more plays back in “the day” than a lot of the other bands got. I’m off to sing the entire album very loud, and very bad. Hope you enjoyed the list.


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  1. Like the list. Hadn’t heard of Katzenjammer Kabarett will be checking them out.

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