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Lunia Chronicles

I had never played a MMO, so when the opportunity came to try Lunia Chronicles, I had to accept it.

Unlike the World of Warcraft games in which you purchase pre paid time, Lunia is free to play, with money being made by players making micro transactions, this can range from buying equipment, or a spare character slot. It is not essential to make a transaction, you can still get everything you might want from the game. In fact I chose not to spend any money on the game and I do not think I suffered from doing so..

As is typical of these types of games, there are four character choices available from the start, however should the choice of being a knight, healer , wizard or thief not appeal, there are other choices available as a relatively inexpensive purchase.

I have long been a fan of manga style drawings, so I was please to see during the loading phases of the game, the art panels. I particularly like how the artist draws the eyes on the characters with the doe like appearance. The eyes are drawn almost to the point of exaggeration. The game has its own theme song, which is catchy to the point of ending up engrained in my memory. It reminded me of theme tunes from 1980 style cartoon series, such as Mysterious Cities of gold.

Like most RPG games, Lunia is centered on a mission system with various sub-quests attached. If I was to have a gripe, there was not enough variety to the missions. It nearly always was a side scrolling fighting game. Whilst it gave a feeling of nostalgia for lost days in the arcade throwing in 20ps to play the likes of Gauntlet and other similar scrolling games, it was as if as fun as it was, something was not quite there, perhaps the addition of a puzzle or two might have gave a feeling of more reward and satisfaction. Choosing a mission was quite straight easy, click on the map, choose the level and then the option was made to either venture alone or with your party.

The combat system initially is based on using combinations of direction keys with certain attack buttons, but when your character is at a higher level, it is able to use special attacks and magic to have more effect. The choice of enemy that you come across is very well balanced, ranging from blobs, to orcs and bears and wolves to name but a few. As your level raises, so to does the enemy. As is standard fair, there are the odd boss battles, taking more skill and planning to succeed. I enjoyed the Indiana Jones inspired avoid the boulders rolling down the hill section of the game. I liked that when a stage was completed, you received a ranking on how you performed ranging from A-F. This could result in a return visit to try and improve performance.

As someone with very limited experience of playing a pc game, I found the experience rather a joy to play. The controls felt intuitive and not daunting, I liked the fact you could quick map spells and attacks to various keys so you could access them quickly.

It would be wrong of me not to mention that I had infrequent server issues, disconnections or not able to connect to servers. It was only the odd time so was not enough to put me off from returning,

I get the impression, I will be revisiting Lunia on a regular basis, it is the perfect game to pop into when wanting to have a quick hit. I think one of the main advantages, is that ranking up happens quite quickly opposed to it feeling like a slog.


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