MAG 256 – And So It Ends…WE WON!!

By Mick Brennan

When the first thing you find out just as you are about to start tweeting from an event is that
Twitter is over capacity.

Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.

You Pray that the rest of the day is going to go smoothly, but thankfully we think it will:) We have just arrived at the MAG 256 Battle event in P3 London and are awaiting the Briefing from the Zipper Interactive guys. Check back here throughout the day where we will be posting Updates, Pics and video as we get it! BRING IT ON!!


Well we have just played 2 games of “Training” Battle and we are doing the Techtv101 posse proud…well not for the first one where we got our ass kicked but in the second one we did a lot better 😉 The game maps are HUGE and this can be taken as an advantage or as a dis-advantage. Finding the opposition at the beginning is difficult, but once you get into the game all is dandy. We think we have found out the best operative for techtv101 and that is sniper…lie in wait then BANG 🙂 Head splatter galore! Lunch is now being served for all operatives in the form of steak and kidney pie and mash in army ration tins!! Nice..Back with more info and photos in a short while: Techtv101 out…


Played another 2 64 player games of MAG There, We got our ass kicked lol, but the big one is about to happen and we will be 128 europeans v 128 Zipper interactive developers…NO ONE TOLD US THE OPPOSITION WERE THE GUYS WHO MADE THE GAME 😦 Ah well here we go anyhoo…wish us luck 🙂 Game is great though, really the only problem we are having is with the squad one can hear anyone properly. Now it may be down to the fact there is a lot of noise here, but if i could hear my squad leader i would play so much better….well thats my excuse anyway!

The day began with a military briefing on the blend of skills, tactics and teamwork needed to win glory on the field in MAG. This was followed by a rundown of the command structure that lets operatives rise through the chain of command as they earn experience points on the battlefield and. Players were put through their paces in the eight-man squad system, where an experienced fighter leads seven others into the mayhem of a battlefield featuring APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers), planes, sniper rifles, grenades, rocket launchers and more. From here, the new operatives allied themselves to one of the game’s three Private Military Companies – Raven, Valor and SVER – and went into battle against each other.

The first confrontations of the day took the form of Sabotage Mode – a 32 vs. 32 battle where the attacking faction must infiltrate an enemy facility, hold two control points simultaneously and then destroy a demolition objective. Next up was Acquisition Mode – a 64 vs. 64 action where one faction is tasked with capturing two armoured vehicles and taking them to extraction points before the clock runs out. Finally, it was time for the day’s finale: Domination Mode. The event’s 128 participants – now trained and blooded on the field – teamed up to represent Europe for the first time in MAG history. Pitted against a crack team of 128 players – many of them MAG game developers at Zipper Interactive studios in the USA – our operatives took to the field for two fierce battles to gain control of a vast piece of virtual terrain.

The day ended with a variety of great prizes awarded and the best-performing operative winning the top prize, a package to attend a big European sporting event in Europe this year. Things are just beginning in the world of MAG. The largest online shooter ever, it’s arriving this January to blow other combat titles out of the water. Have you got what it takes to lead? Find out more at and


Thanks to Mick Brennan from for letting us share this report with you.

You can visit the techtv101 site by following this link


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