Stev Lee’s aka Methodman 78’s 10 Random Iphone Tracks

My name is Stev Lee, music has been an escape for me for many a year, my other favourite past time is playing games on the Xbox and I run a clan called TGSN, a group of like minded people who play for fun.

If you want to play for fun head over to our website and sign up.

Anyway, here are the tracks as selected by my iphone:-

Track 1: Dragon – Killer Mike Feat Fass Black – Monster (Album)

I first heard of Killer Mike on an Outkast track called The Whole World and really loved the way his lyrics flowed, I Bought the album shortly after and it’s no disappointment, it is very heavy but it tells his journey.

The song Dragon has very upbeat tones with an underlying morbid message about victims of a school shooting and the murder of Fass Black which leaves Killer Mike asking to himself and Jesus why this happened, ending in a heartbeat monitor flatlining (Cheery stuff).

Track 2: Mystic City – Killah Priest – Heavy Mental (Album)

Killah Priest is an affiliate of the Wu-Tang clan, I bought this album blindly because I collect all things Wu (or try, they do release a lot of albums)

The song Mystic City is an easy listen compared to some other album tracks, good piano riffs from start to finish and explains the troubles of living in the hood, Killah Priest is a very spiritual lyricist and uses many references to the Bible and aspects of religion in this track.

Track 3: One Shot Deal – Pop Da Brown Hornet – The Underground Emperor

Another friend of the Wu-Tang, Pop Da Brown Hornet was mentioned on the first Wu album The 36 Chambers, from this and the fact his name was cool I purchased the album.

This track was way ahead of its time when released (1996?) and explains how Pop is the top ranking rap star around, the song features other guest rappers and its one of my favourite songs on the Iphone, however there’s a mystery for me around Pop Da Brown Hornet, he never released another album, I can’t find any information on him and have no idea wether he lives and breathes today, which is a pity .

Track 4: Maxine – Ghostface Killah – Bulletproof Wallets

Ghostface seems to release albums yearly, I feel he lacks quality due to his constant output of average tracks, this one being no different, although remixed by RZA its not my favourite.

The song is about Maxine, living hard and I’ve heard the story done better a million times, nice horns and use of electric guitar throughout but that’s the highlight right there!

Track 5: Muh Fu*ka – Redman – Malpractice

Malpractice is one of the best rap albums I own and Reggie Redman Noble used to put out an album almost every couple of years, until he hooked up with MethodMan and went on a world tour of smoking weed! (6 years until the next album appeared)

Again, as this is a random shuffle on the iphone, this isn’t the best song on the album without a shadow of doubt and if I could work my Itunes it would be deleted and the better tracks would appear more often, the title is repeated numerously and it’s a very below average track from a very talented and long serving rap star

Track 6: Re-Akshon – Killer Mike Feat T.I., Bun B & Bone Crusher – Monster

This is a sort of remix ba$tardisation of Mikes original song Akshon, the lyrics and beat are different but have the same use of Mikes catchphrases, this song could be mistaken for a DMX hit and I do love this track, its motivating and contains some profound lyrics “don’t be a killer be a father to your son” one of the shining starts on a black album .

Track 7: Da Bomb – Gravediggaz – The Pick, The Sickle And The Shovel

The Gravediggaz are a side project of RZA from the Wu-tang Clan and this track released in 1997 is a definite old school classic, as with most RZA stuff its catchy, contains poppy beats, hard bassline and the vernacular is cutting edge.

Its another love in track where the three rappers take turns to explain how bad ass they are, this has been done to death but at least Gravdiggaz do it with humour and such a smooth style

Track 8: Beautiful – Eminem – Relapse

What can I say about Eminem that world doesn’t already know?

This song is all about his drug addictions and struggling to feel the fire of writing songs again. I may be reading differently in to the lyrics but I see it as Em returns to rap because of his daughter and is a message to her in the future about why he gave up and no doubt why he will quit rapping again in a few years time.

Track 9: Rules – Wu-Tang Clan – Iron Flag

Finally a Wu track appears on my shuffle, there’s 7 albums on there so the odds were good!

This tune is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the World Trade massacre and pays tribute to that, while also explaining that terrorists should come to the hood and get “blown to bits”

It’s a great song with one of the best unprintable choruses to have ever made my ears bleed.

Track 10: Haillie’s Song – The Eminem Show

Marshall Mathers singing ! Well he explains he cant sing at the start but this is Eminems most heartfelt track I’ve heard, dedicated to his daughter directly and explains the stressed of life melt away when he is with his little girl,

This track has personal meaning to me as the father to a beautiful baby girl, no matter how depressing my day gets I listen to this song and then spend time with my daughter and nothing else matters.


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