One A Day

Due to Twitter updates from friends’ involved in the project, I got to hear about the One A Day Project.

The One a Day project is a collective of bloggers who’ve pledged to write one thing a day, every day, until the end of the year. On Twitter, all tweets related to the project are tagged #oneaday.

I have to say, I totally admire each and everyone that has committed themselves to doing this.  I considered joining, but baulked, I just was not convinced I would have the tenacity to see the project through.  That is 365 posts over the year.  I would worry, would the quality of my already poor writing decline as I would struggle to come up with ideas to write about.

It is now the highlight of my daily internet browsing to visit the One a Day Hub and see what each and everyone of the great writers have chosen to talk about.  While each and every one of the blogs are worth reading, I no longer start at the beginning of the list and work my way through it.  No, I have already determined a few favourite writers and save them to the end.

In the list of contributers to the project listed in the One a Day hub , you will recognise a few familiar names, as three members have contributed reviews to electro-candy.  They are :

Jennifer Allen

Daniel Lipscombe

Steven Wright

Who knows, if this proves to be a success, I might even join in next year, after all I have all of this year to come up with some ideas to write about.


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  1. AK

    Glad you’re enjoying #oneaday, dude.

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