CES 2010 – xbox 360 Announcements

Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach announced some of the things you can expect on Xbox this year and recapped the successes of 2009.

For 2010…

· As announced during the keynote, “Project Natal” will be hitting living rooms this Christmas (2010). “Project Natal” – which will work with every Xbox 360 – ushers in an entirely new category of games and entertainment, turning you into the controller.

Kicking off the first-half of the year with back-to-back Xbox 360 exclusives like Splinter Cell Conviction, Crackdown 2, Mass Effect 2, and Alan Wake. The Christmas 2010 line-up of games includes the highly anticipated Fable 3, followed by Halo Reach, which is expected to be the biggest title of 2010.

A new Xbox LIVE experience, “Game Room,” will be the ultimate destination for reliving the glory days of the classic 1980s arcade. “Game Room” will offer a library of 30 original arcade and console classics including “Centipede®,” “Asteroids Deluxe®,” and “Super Cobra,” which are shown in their original cabinet designs. Buy once and play on both your Xbox 360 and Windows-based PC.

In 2009…

o Xbox sold more than 10 million consoles last year and we have now sold 39 million Xbox 360s around the world.

o Xbox Live continues to redefine and lead social games and entertainment:

o Xbox LIVE enjoyed its biggest week ever at Christmas time, with a new member joining every second.

o Xbox LIVE saw record peaks of more than 2.2 million people using the service at the same time.

o The addition of new social features like Facebook, Twitter, and 1080p instant on movies has been a huge success with nearly 10 million members utilizing entertainment content on Xbox LIVE.

o Over 1 million new friend connections have been made since the launch of Facebook on Xbox LIVE.


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