John Cranston (aka Johnus Maximus) 10 Random Ipod Tracks

In the First 10 Random Ipod Tracks of 2010, electro-candy are pleased to welcome John Cranston. He is a freelance games journalist with a passion for button mashers and anything sci-fi. His blog lives here –

By John Cranston (aka Johnus Maximus)

I’m going to begin this article with a confession and an apology to the spirit of the topic. I took a mulligan and re-shuffled, as my first random selection was a little on the poor side of my musical taste and didn’t really reflect the majority of the content I store on my iPod – also I’d rather not let the world know exactly which Sophie Ellis Bextor albums I own!
Luckily the re-roll worked out for the best, so for your aural pleasure I present to you 10 songs that fell out of my iPod and into my ears…

1. “The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)” – Flight of the Conchords

If I wasn’t such a huge Halo fan I might never have discovered the lyrical genii from New Zealand. On a Bungie podcast, composer Marty O’Donnell namedropped the duo as one of his favourite acts, so a quick trip to YouTube brought up a host of live performances that had me chortling in my seat. One of these is the love song to an un-named girl who is “so beautiful… like a tree, or a high class prostitute”

2. Night on Disco Mountain – David Shire

A reworking of classical piece “Night on Bald Mountain”, this comes from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which is one of my favourite film soundtracks and is a lot more upbeat than the dark subject matter the film conveys. If you have sensitive ears don’t fear, there is not a Bee Gee in sight, this one’s an instrumental.

3. Baltars Dream – Bear McCreary

The reimagined Battlestar Galactica is one of televisions greatest triumphs, a masterpiece of science fiction that manages to tell such human and emotional stories despite its fantastical context. The soundtrack is equally inspiring, excellently composed and complimentary to the stories, themes and images in the show.

4. Needin U – David Morales

Ah, a nice bit of old school house music. Of course, I remember when this sort of thing was brand new house music and I would revel in my weekend liaisons with the party people of my home town. Of course you’re not seventeen forever, except when a song like this comes on the radio and you start bopping about like a madman.

5. Half Man, Half Machine – Goldie Lookin Chain

The thing I like about the GLC is that they truly understand how the world of hip hop and R’n’B works, ably recreating the flow and style but with their own humorous content. This song tells the tale of a bloke who’s become a bit obsessed with computers – “I made love to a BBC Micro”

6. Italic Eyeball – Caustic Window

The musical talent of Richard D James knows no bounds, not only has he released a huge body of work under the Aphex Twin moniker but he also has had work released under a host of pseudonyms, including this one. Surprisingly, the creepy backwards singing is a sample from The Sound of Music.

7. Dude – Tenacious D

It didn’t have as much of an impact as their prior album (to be fair if it doesn’t have an opening track all about anal sex then how can it come close), but I still enjoyed “Pick of Destiny”. Ever had a best friend that you were forced to spend time away from? Then you can totally relate to this songs deep and meaningful melancholy lyrics.

8. Omen Reprise – The Prodigy

I’ve always liked The Prodigy, from the early rave style of “Experience” to the more recent industrial techno style of “Always Outnumbered…”. Their latest album was no exception and one of the best tracks is “Omen”, of which this is a shortened reprise.

9. Wandering Star – Portishead

What self respecting music lover doesn’t own a copy of “Dummy”, Portisheads debut album? Seriously, it has to be one of the pinnacle pieces of British music from the 1990’s, giving some of us our first taste of the deliciously soulful (and at times depressingly haunting) voice of Beth Gibbons.

10 Like A Boss – The Lonely Island

If you’ve spent some time on the internet in the last couple of years then you’ve probably heard “Dick in a Box”, “Jizz in My Pants” and/or “I’m On a Boat” – quality skits from a trio of comedians/actors/singer/songwriters also known as The Lonely Island. Last year they released “Incredibad”, an album featuring more of their parody stylings including this, a blow by blow account of the daily life of a middle management employee.


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  1. You never said anything about putting my face on the article! I would have worn something smarter and done my hair nice if I had known 😀

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