The Game – PS3

By Neil McCormick

I received the press release below. Seems interesting, at this moment I have not explored what its all about. I intend to in the next day or so.

If you have already had a look, feel free to leave some comments.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has unleashed “The Game” – an open-ended, online challenge that’s set to get everyone talking about PlayStation®3 (PS3™). The idea is simple: two Teams, thousands of players, endless entertainment. Players prove their skill and knowledge through a series of challenges made up of ready-made mini-games and quizzes, and then create challenges of their own to pass on to others. More people join, more challenges are set, more mini-games are played, more points are earned, more rivalry sets in, and more people join in… The Game just gets bigger and bigger.

The Game begins at The full game must be accessed via PC, but you can also keep track of what’s going via your PlayStation 3 browser. Enter your email, choose a log-in name and choose your Team. You’re either Team A or Team B. It doesn’t matter which; it only matters that when The Game ends your Team has more points. You can also use The Game’s functionality to recruit social networking friends to your team and get them playing. There’s a wealth of quiz questions and mini-games – pool simulators, target games, and tests of speed and skill – to sample and enjoy before packaging some together to create your own challenges. Send them to your friends via email and wait and see how well they do. The endless possibilities for combining games and quiz questions mean that no two challenges need be the same – with players taking control of the experience and sharing their creations with others.
Lasting for a whole year, The Game is split up into four themed stages that reflect different aspects of the PS3 experience.

“Like PS3, which inspired it, The Game is easy to understand, to play and to share with friends,” says Mark Bowles, European Product Manager for PS3 at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “It’s giving people a taste of the world of PS3 – an ever-changing world that’s open to everybody – a world shaped by players’ passions and where the game is just the start.”

The Game is open to everyone from dedicated PS3 fans to complete novices, wherever they are. To let The Game begin for you, visit


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