Neil’s Ten Random Tracks – as Selected by his Ipod’s Shuffle

By Neil McCormick

With trepidation, I turned on the ipod, selected shuffle and pressed play. At the back of my mind was the fact there are some pretty appalling guilty pleasures locked away inside my ipod. Thankfully Lady Luck has been kind and held back from presenting any of those. In fact there is only one track I am slightly embarassed about. Guess which one – its not the obvious one though.

Well these are my ten:-

1. “Shame and Fortune” by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs from the album “It’s Blitz.”

2. “Anyway you want it” by Journey from their album “Greatest Hits.”

3. “A&E” by Goldfrappe from their album “Seventh Tree”

4. “Stay Wide Awake” By Eminem from his album “Relapse”

5. “Mama we’re all crazy now!” by Reel Big Fish taken from their album “Fame Fortune and Fornication”

6. “Have a nice day” by The Stereophonics taken from the “Decadein the Sun ” collection.

7. “Communist Daughter” by Neutral Milk Hotel taken from “In the Airplane over the Sea”

8. “Midlife Crisis” by Faith no More from “The very best, ultimate Greatest Hits Album”

9. “Anything cept the truth” Eagles of death Metal from “Heart on ”

10, “El Caporal” My Morning jacket from “Dark was the Night Compilation.



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2 responses to “Neil’s Ten Random Tracks – as Selected by his Ipod’s Shuffle

  1. Steven Wright

    Not a bad mix sir. I think I’m going to copy it (with reference) over on Broken Game. I’ll send you the link. I see a weekly tradition Neil 😀

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