Update on the Campaign for Colour Blind Options in Modern Warfare 2

By Neil McCormick

Last week I posted on the site an interview with Helen who was campaigning for more friendlier options for colour blinded gamers wanting to play Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2.

Whilst nothing definite has happened yet, it was good to see that Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward has acknowledged on his twitter that it is something he will be raising.

His post is below

@DerekMellott Blue is actually already used for people in a Party while playing #MW2. I will be bringing up the color blind concern though. 11:33 AM Dec 1st

from web in reply to DerekMellott
Robert Bowling

However I would encourage, if You have not signed up to the petition, you do so, it will only take a minute or so of your time.

The petition can be found here



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