Patch for Borderlands Released – 2K Games

By Neil McCormick

Gearbox promised to fix a variety of issues plaguing the Xbox 360 version of their shooter Borderlands. And today they delivered.

Here is the issues that were resolved.

* Fixed a bug which caused players and other things in the world to appear incorrectly on clients in networked games
* Fixed a bug in which players gibbed in arena combat disappeared * fixed a bug which caused the dollars counter to spin continuously
* Fixed a bug that caused the digger elevator to be unusable after completing the Find Tannis mission
* Weapon mapping to the D-pad should no longer reverse left and right
* various localization and other text and tooltip corrections
* The introductory quests with CL4P-TP should now always progress properly all the time
* Lilith’s Phase Strike ability now works as intended
* Load times have been improved


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