Portrait of County Down by Simon Brown – Halsgrove 2009


From the rugged wilderness of the majestic Mourne Mountains to the rolling hills that surround the sheltered waters of Strangford Lough, and from the unspoilt coastline of North Down to the history steeped lands of the low-lying Lecale Peninsula, County Down is positively saturated with areas of interest for the fortunate visitor to savour.
Boathouse 3
Join local landscape photographer Simon Brown on a journey around his beloved home county as he reveals the alluring landscapes of Down in all their splendour. Visiting the enchanting harbours, wondrous woodlands, luscious landscapes and mysterious megalithic monuments that make this area such a unique place, Portrait of County Down is a photographic tribute to undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom.

Simon Brown is an up-and-coming landscape photographer from Bangor in County Down. His love for photography first arose while backpacking around the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand in 2001. Since his return he has spent many hours travelling around Northern Ireland striving to build a collection of images showing his homeland at its beautiful best. Simon’s work regularly features in the national photographic press and often represents Northern Ireland on postcards, calendars and in local tourist guides. He has also been short-listed for several international photography awards. Portrait of County Down is his first book.
Horizontal reflection and rocks
The book is priced at £14.99 and is available from most bookstores in Northern Ireland. It is also available on Amazon. However should you have any difficulty you can order a copy directly from the publishers – Halsgrove by telephone 01823 653777

I would also recommend that you visit Simon’s website – www.myphotographyjourney.com . There you can take in not just his photographs of County Down, but also the rest of Northern Ireland at its finest, as well as photographs from his recent return to New Zealand, the place that inspired him to begin his photography journey.


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