Morrissey Collapses

By Adam Roche

Seconds after this picture was taken, Morrissey was rushed from the stage

Seconds after this picture was taken, Morrissey was rushed from the stage

Normally, we’d leave this kind of reporting to the news websites, but I was there tonight when Morrissey collapsed in Swindon at the Oasis Leisure Centre, and my Twitter is going crazy as a result, so here’s the full story of what happened:

Doll And The Kicks had performed an amazing support set, and the tension for Mr Moz was high. When the screen came down and he marched on amid feedback and rapturous applause, the crowd was electric. He launched into ‘This Charming Man’, but was barely audible over the chanting of the crowd, who were in good voice. However, he did seem to be coughing, and a couple of times clutched his shoulder and seemed to wince.

Upon the last chord, he suddenly dropped to his knees. My first thought was that he’d tripped over a cable, but when two roadies rushed onto stage it was clear that something was wrong. He was helped to his feet and carried from the stage as the crowd suddenly fell silent. One by one the band followed him from the stage and the lights came up. After ten minutes of confusion a stage hand came out and informed us that they were assessing the situation and would let us know as soon as they had news. However, after another twenty minutes the same man returned and told us to collect our tickets for a refund as Morrissey had left the building “seriously ill”

Reports are coming in that he’s stable now, which is a huge relief. Moz, our thoughts are with you.

Take care and come back brighter

UPDATE: Morrissey is now back at home and recuperating, although he has postponed his gig on Monday evening



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11 responses to “Morrissey Collapses

  1. AndyBCFC

    Cheers for the info.

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  3. Steven Wright

    Glad hes OK. I cant even imagine seeing that happen to one of my heroes. Fingers crossed.

  4. derek

    The reports say the crowd booed is that correct?

  5. Bonomania

    Thanks for this. 🙂
    I just need to know that he’s ok now.

  6. Steve Edwards

    I was at the Birmingham show last night, & he was brilliant but suddenly struggled at the end of the show. Hopefully it’s just a virus, but this has been going on for a while now. Moz demands too much of his body doing consecutive nights at differrent venues. Get well soon Moz!
    See my videos from Birmingham here to see he was on good form –> I love Moz to bits, but the poor dear needs to eat a couple of fillet steaks & get some energy! See my vids from last night here for proof that he was on fine form –>>>

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  8. Your entry reminded me alot about this entry:

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  10. Adam Roche

    We actually made The Guardian. Very surreal…

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