Assassin’s Creed 2 – Ubisoft – 20 November 2009

By Neil McCormick
Over the course of the next few weeks, Electro-candy will be having a look at forthcoming releases to look out for.

First up is Assassin’s Creed 2, this is due to hit the shelves on the 20 November 2009.

Assassins Creed II 360

Set some 2oo odd years from when you took on the character of Altair in the original Assassin’s creed, you assume the role of a young nobleman-turned-assassin named Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Ezio’s father, a banker,as well as two other unnamed people have been executed; thus, the essence of the plot is to get revenge on the rival families that murdered him whilst Ezio watches over his mother and sister Like Altaïr in the first game, Ezio is an ancestor of Desmond Miles, the modern day bartender who was captured by Abstergo, with Ezio himself being a descendant of Altaïr

Cities mentioned as being in the game thus far include Venice, Florence, Rome and is also set in the neighbouring tuscan countryside.

A new trailer was introduced at the recent Tokyo Game Show, giving some indication of the change in game style from the orginal.

During the game show, interview the creative director for the game, Patrice Desilets gave an interview for Game Reactor, where he talked about the new level of Assassin’s Creed 2 that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show and how the game was different from its predecessor.

Several different limited editions of Assassin’s Creed II will be released. The “Black” limited edition release is packaged with an Ezio figurine who is dressed in an upgraded black Assassin cloak which Ezio earns in the advanced stages of the game. Included are 3 bonus missions and a “conspiracy book” giving details of the plot. An additional DVD containing the game’s soundtrack, behind the scenes information and more will also be included.
The “White” limited edition release is packaged with one bonus mission, and an Ezio figurine in his standard white Assassin cloak.

“Master Assassin’s Edition” is the North American limited edition, which will include the white-cloaked Ezio figurine, two in-game maps, an art book and an additional DVD containing the game’s soundtrack, behind the scenes information and more.


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