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By Neil McCormick

In the second of electro-candy’s look at new gems emerging from Fall 2009 – comes GLEE, a new comedy played out in a musical style by Ryan Murphy, the creator of “Nip/Tuck,”

The series follows an optimistic teacher, Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), who attempts to save McKinley High’s Glee Club from obscurity, while helping a group of aspiring underdogs realize their true star potential.
glee 1
Obviously parallels can be made with Disney’s High School Musical but this does not give the show the justice it deserves.

For Glee is more than this, part comedy, part musical and packed full with gritty humour. For example there is a scene where singer Rachel tells the guidance counselor Emma she tried to become bulimic, but “I have no gag reflex.” The prim-looking counselor nonchalantly replies that will be an advantage later.

In another scene there is a send up of the motto “Yes we can” that underlined Obama’s presidential campaign :-
“You know, caning has fallen out of fashion in the United States,” murmurs Sue Sylvester, the sadistic cheerleading coach who’s the glee club’s No. 1 enemy. “Caning works and to all of those naysayers out there who say, ‘That’s illegal! You can’t strike children on their bare buttocks with razor sharp bamboo sticks!’ Well, to them I say, Yes we cane!”

However it is when the show goes into musical mode, that it comes alive -the oomph factor is taken to the max – the interpretation of Rehab by Amy Winehouse and the take on of Kanye West’s “Gold digger” is a joy to watch.

I cannot recommend highly enough that you watch this – if you want to come away with a smile on your face.


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