Operation Flashpoint: Dragon’s Rising : – Developer Video

By Neil McCormick

Codemasters have started to ramp up promotion of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. This latest video focuses on the cutting-edge technology and special effects deployed to create the game’s stunning battlegrounds.

Starring key Codemasters Studios developers, they explain how the 220km² island of Skira becomes the ultimate gaming war zone, accompanied by gameplay and development footage demonstrating the unique scale, drama and beauty of the benchmark-setting military shooter.

“Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is an incredibly ambitious title. Some of the technology that we’re using here is unique, our streaming technology is unsurpassed,” said Sion Lenton, Executive Producer for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. “This environment, this level of realism, this atmosphere that we generate will bring you closer to war than you’ve ever been,” he added.

Prepare for Combat

There is also a mini flash game, for you to check if you are ready for combat.

Click on the link below.

Operation Flashpoint Assessment

Each of these tests your Memory, Analytical thinking and Multi-tasking respectively and are far harder than they at first seem. Do well and you will be able to unlock a downloadable Map of Skira as well as two codes that will be able to be used to unlock Bonus missions.

All in all good fun.

Powered by the award-winning EGO™ Game Technology Engine, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will set the standard for accessible, authentic war gaming when it arrives October 6th (US) / 8th (PAL) / 9th (UK) for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC.


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