Muse – The Resistance – Helium 3 (2009)

By Neil McCormick


Resistance is the 5th studio album recorded by Muse ,perhaps their most ambitious and musically complex. The question is , does it work?

The concept behind this album – is supposed to be a musical interpretation of a love letter from George Orwell’s novel 1984 between Winston Smith to Julia. In other words its a musical statement that Love will triumph even in a totalitarian state. You can also take from it, a protest at how much civil liberties we have lost while government influence grows.

The album opens with the track Uprising,and delivers a punchy start offering a blast of rock mixed with goldfrapp-esque rhythm. Probably one of the strongest tracks in the album.

Second is Resistance, the title track. I have to profess, the start does not work for me – It sounds like an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical number for the first 1 minute 30 mins. However it picks up and redeems itself.

The third track, Undisclosed Desires smacks of seeking a chart hit. Think a return to the Starlight track from Black holes and revelations. However it works – should be good live.

United States Of Eurasia. This is Muse’s Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen gets the Muse experience.

The fifth track is Guiding Light. This is more like Muse as we have known them in the past. However the problem is its Muse by Numbers – we have heard it before.

Unnatural Selection is the best song on the album – it has made listening to the rest of the album worthwhile.

MK Ultra is another return to the heavy side of things for Muse. This will be a key track at any live performance.

I Belong To You is the weakest on the album. Overly self indulgent – Bellamy heads on an progressive rock journey, Rick Wakeman would be proud to claim ownership of. Why he felt the need to sing in french in one section– I will never know.

And onto the final three tracks, a three part symphony called Exogenesis– I am afraid while musically I am sure it is to be commended – after all 40 musicians are credited with being involved in its design. To me its placement does not work. This should have been the centrepiece to the album. Instead It feels as if it had been tacked onto the end of it.

Musically its a complex beast, but is an unfortunate victim that it does not feel “new”

Electro-Candy Score – 6/10 shows promise but just too familiar.


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