The Cribs – Ignore The Ignorant – Wichita Recordings 2009

By Neil McCormick

ignore the cribs

The Cribs are back with their 4th album. Since their last album, they have added veteran ex Smith Johnny Marr to the line up. Unlike Modest Mouse, Marr’s last band, you can see that his addition enhances the band as opposed to being there to provide some Star element to an over looked band.

You get the feeling listening to this album, that The Cribs are growing up and maturing. The roots of this evolution can be found with the previous album “ Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Its producer – Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) succeeded in providing a pop sheen to the normal brash “Angry Young men “ style fans were accustomed to.

Ignore the Ignorant is a fantastic album, instantly likeable, while they style and direction may have matured, the Band are not afraid to take a pop at a few quarters :-the Nuts Generation for one:-“ mid-shelf masturbation / Leaves a smear on half the nation” Even the album title – is aimed at the national front and those that support them.

Key tracks to look out for include

City of Bugs – Perhaps the best song on the album. Feedback and fuzzy intricately mixed with melody like an alchemist at a crucible.

We Share the Same Skies – Lively and smacking of Johnny Marr’s trademark guitarmanship. The rough guitar sound is replaced with melody.

Last Years Snow – Regarded in some quarters as a weak track – its not. Lyrics capture feelings of bruised and tender regret.

Out of the 11 tracks, there is only one I do not like and that is “Save your secrets” To me the song does not go anywhere and feels at best washed out.

However one bad song out of 11 is not a bad return.

You would be extremely ignorant to ignore this Album! Definitely the bands best work to date. A growing sophistication and maturity that deserves our praise.

Electro Candy Score – 9/10 – possible album of the year in its genre.


cribs 2009
The Cribs are currently on tour promoting “Ignore the Ignorant” and will be in Belfast on the 22 September 2009 at the Mandela Hall. Tickets are at time of writing still available from

Ignore the Ignorant entered the Official UK Album chart at No 8. A commendable position ahead of some Beatles re-issues:- Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road.

The Cribs are currently taking over the Guardian Music Site –


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