Operation Flashpoint – Dragon Rising – Codemasters – 6 October 2009

flash cover

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a first person tactical military game designed specifically to recreate the battlefield of today’s modern infantry.

The game is set on a small, fictional island located off the north coast of Japan called Skira during the present day. The island has became is a contested territory between Russia and China due to the fact there a recently discovered large untapped oil and gas reserve. The island is based on the real island of Kiska – located west of Alaska.

The game begins as the player arrives as part of the United States Marine Corps who have been tasked with capturing the island on behalf of the Russians from the Chinese military.

The developers have lovingly recreated the entire 277.698 km2 (107.220 sq mi) of Kiska to give players a sandbox environment to play in – key geographic features to look out for include a volcano, low land lakes, mountains, waterways and even salt fields.

The size and scale of the island is something to behold – statistics quoted say that in real time, in order to cross the island; it would involve 9 hours on foot or 4 hours in a jeep even an attack helicopter will take 20 minutes to do the distance.

The coop video below, gives you some idea of the scales involved, look out for when the on screen characters survey the valley below them.


Dragon Rising as well as the single player campaign includes a multiplayer mode. This takes the form of both a co-op story in which you work through with several players the single player campaign and there is also the pure multiplayer modes Annihilation and Infiltration.

It has been indicated that there will be DLC in the future, offering additional game modes.


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