Review: Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend


Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend – Sony Music 2009

This album has given me quite a shock – it stands for everything I should hate music wise – its on a different pole to the indie style music I normally enjoy. For a start I hate anything electronic but yet somehow, I have been hit in the face and quite like it. This should be my dirty secret but I am airing it in public.

calvin harrisIn case you are unaware, Calvin Harris is an electronic musician, singer / song writer and producer hailing from Dumfries, Scotland. This is the follow up to his début album from 2007 “I created Disco”

Some of the tracks are instantly recognisable as being similar to other artists work. For example the first single “ I am not alone” when it goes to the bridge, I challenge you not to think Faithless.

The track “Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La” reminds me of a funky Prince before he became a squiggle. Yes you have heard this track before – it features in a Coca Cola Ad. A sure fire way to musical success.

And for the instrumental fans – 2 tracks are set aside for you “Burns Night” and 5iliconeator. Both these tracks are steeped in melancholy but worthy of a listen. Could this be the soundtrack to your autumn?

What Harris has done here, is take a simple concept and throughout the album developed it subtlety – its like an organic progression.

I have mentioned similarities to other groups – principal influences jumping out include Daft Punk, Lcd Sound System, Air, Prince – all worthy coherts to be compared to.

Do not get me wrong – the album does not bring an original concept but it works very well.

Other reviews have described it as the “ghost of handbag disco” which seems almost derogatory. However I get what they are saying – what is this album’s legacy going to be in musical history? At this stage the jury is out.

Tracks to look out for

Ready for the Weekend
I’m not alone
Worst day

Electro Candy Rating:- 7 out of 10 (not an essential purchase but still a welcome addition to a collection)



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2 responses to “Review: Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend

  1. Steven Wright

    A lad from my dreary old home town. Not listened to this album butI won and like his first.

  2. buen remis lo podemos encontrar en youtube minimix

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