Red Faction Guerilla (THQ–Games) DLC Packs

Demons of the Badlands

red faction guerilla

THQ Games released on 13 August 2009 the first of three DLC Packs for Red Faction Guerilla

Demons of the Badlands is available for 800 points (XBOX Live) / £7(PSN).

This single player prequel puts players into the role of a young Samanya as she begins to drift away from her people, the Marauders and joins the Red Faction for the very first time.

red faction screen

Featuring a whole new area of Mars (Mariner Valley) and consisting of three new missions, five new demolition masters, two transporter missions, a heavy metal, assault and house arrest mission this pack will keep players busy for hours on end. This pack also includes 8 new weapons and three new vehicles, including a walker.

To celebrate the release of the DLC THQ-Games are giving away an ultra exclusive Red Faction branded Xbox 360 console. Individually numbered from a run of only ten, this is the ultimate collector’s item for a fan of the game.

custom 360 rfg

You can enter the competition here:

The closing date for the competition is 31 August 2009.

Red Faction Guerilla Multi-Player Pack

2nd rfg dlc pack

The Red Faction Guerrilla Multiplayer Pack will be available on September 17th 2009 on Xbox LIVE® for 560 Microsoft points and PlayStation®Network for £6.99

This, the second downloadable content pack, will deliver destructive new multiplayer modes and maps. The Multiplayer Pack will feature two new modes, Bagman and Team Bagman, along with eight new maps, playable across all multiplayer modes.

THQ has also announced a third DLC pack will be available in October 2009.  Further details on the third pack will be revealed soon. 


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