District 9

It’s no mere chance that District 9 is set in South Africa. Wearing it’s political heart on it’s sleeve, District 9 is a tale of segregation and paranoia, set in a run down slum of the country where the outcasts forced to live there are not just discriminated against by their race, but by their species.

Directed by Neil Blongkamp, the Canadian born director who should have directed the Halo movie if everything had fallen into place, and produced by Peter Jackson, it tells the tale in a stark, docu-style of the problems of integration between humans and aliens who have arrived from space, only to find themselves herded in to camps and exploited. Blongkamp, who grew up in South Africa, had a well of experience to draw on for the project, having lived in the country during the time of apartheid.

But what with the problems most countries face with immigration and the divisive opinion of their native inhabitants on the issue, District 9 looks to be the kind of movie that may go some way to stirring discussion on the issue on an allegorical level. Not bad for a low budget sci-fi movie.

It stormed to the top of the US box office last week (beating out my cherished pick), and is due in the UK on the 4th of September. You can watch the trailer below.


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