The Wolf Man Trailer



Wow, it’s a busy night for trailers!

Hot on the heels of the Avatar trailer, comes the trailer for The Wolf Man, which you can find here.

It stars Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt, and is a remake of the 1941 version, which was frankly crap-tacular.

Personally, I think this looks superb, very gothic and raw. Del Toro is the spitting image of Lon Chaney Jr, who played the Wolf Man in the original. Let’s just hope his name isn’t Larry in it too. You just can’t be scary if your name is Larry. Or Chris. Sorry if that’s your name. I’m sure you could be a statistician or a barman, just not a werewolf.

Included here is the trailer for the original Wolf Man from 1941. If you weren’t keen on the 2009 version, you will be.

Look! It’s a wolf! In a shirt! Oh dear!


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