Championship Manager (PC) for 1p


Eidos Interactive has launched a new promotion which gives, gamers the chance to buy Championship Manager 2010 for as little as 1p.

Running until midnight on September 10, the company is offering the downloadable version of the PC game on a ‘pay what you want’ model.

Despite the usual price standing at £29.99, this means that gamers can purchase the title for just 1p plus a £2.50 transaction fee.

championship-manager-2010- screen shot

The game will be sent to your desktop on launch day.

According to the firm, this will mark “the first time an initiative like this has ever been tried in the video games market”.

However, similar promotions have been seen before in the music industry, including Radiohead offering their album In Rainbows for download in 2007 for whatever fans were prepared to pay.


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One response to “Championship Manager (PC) for 1p

  1. Steven Wright

    You serious? 1p? Im buying it and im not paying more than a penny. Do you think people would pay a high amount?

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