Avatar Trailer!

Ponytail not visible

Ponytail not visible

OK, so the trailer has finally hit for Avatar, James Cameron’s first feature film since Titanic.

He’s been shootin’ his mouth off for a long time, but it looks like The King Of The World might have been right all along.

Just for the record Jim, I never doubted you, or called you a washed up, egotistical B-Movie hack with a Shipman beard.

When you see the trailer, you’ll have to admit that this is probably the best CGI since Superman 4: A Quest For Peace gave us Nuclear Man. The only thing I wince at, as my friend @strybe has also pointed out, is the poster, which makes it look like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats”

Check out the trailer here.



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7 responses to “Avatar Trailer!

  1. Yes the poster is utter toss, to be honest I’d rather he went with something nice and simple. Even just the title on the poster, keep it mystical.

    The trailer however is magnificent, although I seriously hope that Microsoft or SONY put the trailer on their console for download. Then I can watch it on my HD tv rather than my piddly laptop screen.

  2. Adam Roche

    My mouth was gaping throughout. I doubted that his claims to have finally integrated CGI seamlessly into a movie with live actors would be lived up to.

    From what I’ve seen, I have a hat to eat

  3. Aye, me too. I was expecting the CGI to stick out like a sore thumb, but it looked lush. May have to have a little trip to the iMAX for that one!

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  5. Adam Roche

    Seeing as it’s 3D too, I think you may be right…

  6. Billy Goodgun

    Trailer looked great. And out this year, too? IMAX it is, then, during the Christmas recess.

    Still want to see more of Ronald Chevalier over any other film, though.

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