The Electro Candy Film Club – No. 1


Hello folks, and welcome to the initiation of a little pet project of ours. It’s called the Electro Candy Film Club, and kicks off from today.

It’s quite simple, we’re going to recommend a film for you to watch every week, and even give you the link so that you can download and watch it too. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly legal as each title will be in the public domain. Once you have watched the movie, please visit this post and write your own review in the comments section, along with any comments you may have on the reviews already there.

Don’t be afraid, there are some fabulous public domain movies available, including movies by Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles and other giants of years gone by, as well as new titles. I promise that we won’t be recommending anything too ropey. And just to prove it, the inaugural choice for the club is And Then There Were None, adapted from the Agatha Christie book of the same name.


And Then There Were None features an all star cast of the day as guests invited to a remote island on the premise of a dinner party and weekend holiday. However, when they arrive, they discover that darker motives are at work, and gradually the guests find themselves being picked off one by one by an unseen hand. It’s since been remade a gazillion times, but this remains the best version, full of charm and wit, and a genuinely mystifying plot. I defy you to guess who’s behind the whole thing… Trust me, it’s a fantastic film. It’s even been made into a video game for the Wii and PC.

It stars Walter Huston (father of director John and grandfather to Anjelica), June Duprez, Roland Young, Barry Fitzgerald, Mischa Auer, Judith Anderson and Louis Hayward.

A little bit of trivia for you, Louis Hayward provided the voice of the irritable caterpillar in Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. Also, if the movie’s title card looks slightly different from the other credits, that’s because it was added at a later date. The original title of both the book and the movie was Ten Little…. well, it’s a derogatory racist term and begins with N. Thankfully, this was corrected as times became enlightened, and actually refers to a popular children’s song of the time, not to any members of the cast. The song itself plays a key role in the mystery…

You’ll find the movie here so please go and download it from the links on the left of the page, and enjoy! Then come back and tell us what you thought. Bring your friends!

Oh, and please follow us on Twitter at @electro_candy and @audiojoe and @neilmc74 to receive updates on the club, along with news of upcoming titles.




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