Trials HD – First Impressions

Trials HD

In 1989 I bought a game for my Spectrum 48k which cost me £6.99 called Super Scramble Simulator. With gritted teeth, I stuck the tape into the rickety tape deck and typed Load “” and prayed the game would load.


If you were a child growing up in the 1980s you will remember every holiday the BBC showed a programme where Scrambler Bikes featured over horrendously designed courses. Well I was destined to never have a scrambler so playing Super Scrambler Simulator was as close as I could get to taking part.

The game involved taking your bike over a series of obstacles – parked buses etc.


Fast forward 20 Years and a less youthful neilmc74, for 1200 Microsoft Game Points purchased this morning Trials HD from the xbox 360 arcade. I had debated over getting this game or next weeks release. However maybe a craving for nostalgia won but in the end I went for Trials HD.

Its a similar premise – you have to make your way over numerous obstacles to get to the finish line.

trials hd screen

Like its predecessor – its instantly addictive and enjoyable. What gives it the edge is the leader boards where you can see how you are doing compared to friends on your friends list. Some of my friends seem super human with the times they have posted.

I have hardly played the game but I love it already and see lots of return play.



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2 responses to “Trials HD – First Impressions

  1. Ghost raccoon87

    Ah that trip down memory lane. I also enjoyed super scrambler on the speccy, I’ve gotta admit it recall it being anywhere near as hard as Trials HD! This game is awesome and has something about it that makes you keep hold of the controller and repeated rock back and forth saying one more go one more go!!! If you don’t own it I suggest that you give it a go
    love the site keep up the good work fella!!! =)

  2. Orpheus Black

    It’s definitely a great game, and the controls are so simple, but I’ve doubled the size of my cranium from banging my head against a brick wall so much. Seriously, I’ve cried more since Wednesday than I have during my many viewings of It’s A Wonderful Life. I am going to be divorced if I play it much more.

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