The White Stripes – White Blood Cells (2001 re-released 2002)

The White Stripes - White Blood Cells

It is now nearly 8 Years from what turned out to be an amazing night. I had arrived in Glasgow to spend a long weekend with my cousin to take some events from the Fringe Festival in nearby Edinburgh. My cousin had bought 2 tickets for this “new american band” at King Tuts that night as a surprise for my first night. So after a quick curry (seemed a lot sweeter than the currys at home) washed down by some cool beers we ended out.

And what a surprise it turned out to be. That Band was The White Stripes and they were over to break the UK with this their 3rd studio album. Unknown to both of us we arrived at the gig with anticipation and the hope we would see a great band and not a “lame duck”.

Well we were blown away by the gig – it was one of those gigs that you know you will always remember. A hair standing up on the back of your neck affair – the holy grail for a gig goer! After a couple of hours we emerged sweaty and with a contented grin on our faces. We just had to have more.

The next day we popped into Avalanche Records (an amazing independent store – an essential visit for any music fan when in Glasgow) near Buchanan Street Station and bought the only two copies they had. This album became the soundtrack to the rest of that summer and the following.

This album is at time of writing, my favourite album in my collection. Nothing I have, previous or since; has hit me slap in the face quite like this album. I devoured this album and basically didnt listen to anything else for weeks. Infact to this day I have a tradition of sticking it on the ipod or cd player travelling to Donegal for the final hour of the journey to get me into my “happy place”

White Blood Cells consists of 16 tracks and runs for just over 40 minutes- opening with “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground” and finishing with “This Protector”.

Tracks of Note:-

Hotel Yorba
– this seems to be a marmite track i like it while friends of mine detest it. Possibly not helped with the what seemed like constant playback MTV gave it that summer.

Fell in love with a Girl
– stonking opening riff to drag you in to some heartfelt lyrics.

The Same Boy you’ve Always Known – my favourite track on the album – starts slow until 1 minute in when it kicks off. Snarling Guitar and a thumping drum track. Ends almost abruptly as it began.

I Cant Wait Listening to this track knowing what they have produced since you can see the infancy of the idea that resulted in Seven Nation Army in a subsequent release. Rousing chorus mixed with heartfelt lyrics – whats not to like?



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2 responses to “The White Stripes – White Blood Cells (2001 re-released 2002)

  1. fucking love that album!! and anything by white stripes and/or Jack White!

  2. neilmc74

    hmm i dont think the last couple of albums are in the same league though

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