Wilco – Wilco (The Album)


Wilco returned on the 29 June 2009 with this their 7th studio album. However for fans hoping for a return to the experimental style found in the bands most successful abum to date from 2002 – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – its not. But its no bad thing.

Instead they have produced 11 tracks (just under 42 minutes) literally dripping in easy listening pop with a heavy slice of Americana on the side.

Closest similar acts in style to me would be think Brendan Benson with a hint of Beck and a smattering of Lambchop.

On a couple of listens the most obvious candidate for outstanding track would be “One Wing” – an absolute gem of a track and will be appearing in my summer playlist.

However the track “Everlasting Everything” is all the more poignant given the untimely passing in his sleep, of their former band mate; Jay Bennett in May 2009.

You have got to give the band credit – when the album was leaked a few months ahead of release – they band did not bring forward the release or bublish diatribes against internet leaks. Instead they streamed the album for free on thier website and asked for donations for charity.

Thumbs Up :- accessible, well crafted and tight.

Thumbs Down :- Couple of fillers towards the end


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