Sonic Youth – The Eternal

Eternal Cover

Sonic Youth were formed in 1981 in New York City and released the self titled first album in 1982. The Eternal is their 16th studio album and I have to profess at time of writing the first Sonic Youth album I have listened to. I dont know why but they are a band I have meant to listen to but never got round to untill now.

Having listened to this album I regret its taken 16 albums to get me to listen. My cousin is a big Sonic Youth fan and advised me to go and check out the following albums, Goo, Washing Machine and Dirty.

The Eternal a magnificent beast of an album – on 3 listens so far I have not managed to identify one track as being a filler track.

Im struggling to best describe their sound but the closest i can suggest is think Lemon heads but rockier and grittier. The songs are melodic and catchy but with an edge – Sonic Youth are renowned in music circles for the experimental side of their music.

The album has 12 tracks but if you download it from Itunes you get a bonus track called “Burning Shame”.

Stand out tracks for me are “Walkin Blue” and “Massage the History”. Im particularly fond of “Massage the History ” – this to me is a real grower of a track, scintilating soundscapes interweaved with Kim Gordon’s voice. There is something heartwrenching about her voice but at the sametime it captivates.

Thumbs up:- Its Indie Rock n Roll for me

Thumbs Down :-not mainstream for some


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