The Wire – Overview

The Wire

The Wire is an american television series set in Baltimore which I came to love almost to the point of obsession.

Sadly the programme only ran for five seasons; coming in with a total of 60 episodes, which started in June 2002 and ending in March 2008.

Each Season looked at a different element of Baltimore’s fabric of society. :-

Season 1 – Drug Trade

Season 2 – The Port

Season 3 – City Government and Bureaucracy (my personal favourite Season)

Season 4 – The School System

Season 5 – Newspaper Media

If you have never watched The Wire – I envy you – I wish I could go through that again – for the first time the experience of watching The Wire and feel it getting under my skin.

And for only £9.99 each for the first 4 seasons its not that expensive a gamble to take.

While it has been designed to be a crime drama – its more than just that. It reflects the complexity of society, not just in Baltimore but by proxy anywhere. As the Producer David Simon said ,its really about the American city and how different institutions co exist.

I have started watching Wire season 3 again at BBC2 pace – its amazing how much more I am picking up on my second viewing.

While I know what is going to happen I just cannot wait for the penultimate episode of season 3 to be aired.

I know my good friend garion will be blown away by what happens. The next closest for hooking me in was something that happens in season 5



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2 responses to “The Wire – Overview

  1. purplesteve

    The Wire is amazing, its ruined the conventional drama for me. I find it hard to watch shows where they have a different story per episode rather than building it up through a whole series.

  2. neilmc74

    And that sir was the plan from the start – David Simon has said in several interviews that the long story arcs were to draw the viewer in and award them with a more satisfying payoff..

    It also allows them to explore the shows themes rather than develop short plots.

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