Games Damn Games

I have a phobia about playing games. There I said it!

My problem is I have so many games waiting to play or complete that i end up too afraid to even start playing.

As of this afternoon I have the following to try to work through in no particular order:-

Gears of War 2 (From Act 3 on)
Fallout 3
Brother in Arms Hells Highway
Resident Evil 5
Dark Sector
Mirrors Edge
Army of two
Mirror’s Edge
Quantum of Solace
Halo Wars
Terminator Salvation
Dead Space (from level 10)
the 2 Chronicle of Riddicks
Red Faction Guerilla
Far Cry 2
UFC Undisputed
Mass Effect
Too Human
Burnout Paradise

Thats even after sorting out the wheat from the chaff of games I know I will never return to.

Wolverine was the first game in ages I actually completed the single player story. It inspired me to return to COD 5 and finish its single player story. But thats unusual. Normally a game gets abandoned for the next one to come along and so on and so forth.

Hell’s Highway was l abandoned as I didnt like the lack of polish in the graphics, however when LIVE was down last week I picked it up and got more into it. However I fear its been abandoned again as Ghostbusters came along.

Today’s the perfect example of my gaming malaise. I have frittered away most of the day doing anything but game. I’ve watched 2 movies, went out on a retail trip, sorted out paperwork. Drank numerous cups of tea and coffee. Added numerous cds to my itunes Anything to stop myself from firing up that console.

Any advice on how I can get over this problem would be appreciated.



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3 responses to “Games Damn Games

  1. purplesteve

    I know what you mean neil. I have quite a few games that I’ve not got round to completing. I think the best thing to do is remove any distractions. Sign out of live, put the pc off and sit down for a few hours. You just have to wait for that little point where the story or gameplay grips you again, and if it doesn’t then maybe you should not be playing it at all. Once I get gripped I have more trouble putting the console off rather than on.

  2. Yeah I’m with you Neil.
    It’s even harder when I’m trying to stick to review deadlines and such as well. I may even write out my full list on Hi-Score again 🙂
    Steve is pretty spot on, I find if I’m finding it hard to “get into” a game or get through it then I have to shut everything down, Particularly the Laptop (and Twitter)

  3. neilmc74

    Aye but i dont even think its because i have a list to get through. Its a full blown phobia of gaming.

    I litterally am having to coax myself on to the 360

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