Placebo – Battle for the Sun

Placebo Battle for the Sun

Placebo can be like marmite you either like them or loathe them. Formed in 1996 they burst onto the scene with a breath of fresh air with the self titled album Placebo.

This contained the infamous track Nancy Boy. Which while being the most famous track on the album was not as substantial as either of these tracks:- “Bionic”, “Come Home” and “I Know”.

Its now 13 years later and after several changes in direction, the question is can Battle for the Sun – the band’s 6th album still deliver?

The answer to that is both Yes and No for this reviewer. THe problem is Placebo have made an art of sounding like intelligent, teenagers with attitude. Through out listening to the album despite Molko saying this would be a more poppier and optimistic album you have an underwhelming feeling they are just following a template.

At times you wonder are you listening to a parody when you hear some very trite lyrics. For example in the song “For what its worth” you hear the following “A heart that hurts/ Is a heart that works” however the trademark riff and melody hooks you in and you end up with a classic emo pop power song.

Thumbs up:– classic Placebo style, angst written lyrics

Thumbs Down:- Trite lyrics, placebo by numbers feel


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